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5th Grade Fire Cadets

The Lone Peak Fire Cadet Program was created in 2014 with the special goal of strengthening the 5th Graders within our service district.  Our purpose is to assist parents, teachers, youth leaders, etc. in their various efforts to raise strong, healthy, and happy individuals.


This exciting new program allows 5th Graders to participate in a 4 week, live and interactive, fire academy.  Each week the Cadets spend approximately 1 hour with Lone Peak Fire District Firefighters & Paramedics with the noble goal of becoming LPFD Firefighter / EMT Cadets.


We want to extend an open and formal invitation to all parents, as well as any family members, who would like to come and participate in the Cadet Program along with their 5th Graders.  It is our goal to instill in our Cadets a greater sense of community stewardship and to help them see their importance in theirs and our futures.  It is our hope that you will come and support your amazing children in this fun and exciting new program.


   Lone Peak Fire Cadet Program (Course Outline)

         Week 1:   CPR & HEART ATTACK / STROKE

         Week 2:   “DRUGS DESTROY DREAMS”


         Week 4:   GRADUATION


As graduates of the LPFD Cadet Program, our Cadets will have learned CPR and how to recognize the various signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke.  They will learn basic First Aid, and when and how to effectively use it.  The Cadets will understand that “Drugs Destroy Dreams” and will keep them from reaching their full potential.  They will know how to prevent fires and accidents in their homes and will know exactly what to do and how to react in the case of such events.  Upon completion of the Cadet Program, our 5th Graders are officially sworn in as honorary LPFD Cadets during a graduation ceremony held in their honor.



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