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Alpine Station Apparatus

Fire Pumper


Manufacture: Toyne

Year: 2015


Capabilities: 625 gallon tank, 25 gallon foam tank, 1250 gpm pumper


Application:  Defensive Fire, Structural Protection, Wildland Protection 

Fire Pumper


Manufacture: American La France

Year: 2004


Capabilities:  1000 gallons, 1500gmp pumper


Application:  Reserve pumper, structure protection from fire

Type 3 Wildland Engine


Manufacture: Ford

Year: 2001


Capabilities:  500 gallons, 500gmp


Application:  Wildland and urban interface fire combat. 



Manufacture: Dodge / Wheeled Coach

Year: 2007


Capabilities:  Two patient transport and care


Application:  Provides medical support to patients while en route to the hospital. 

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