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Class A Type I/III
Combination Pumper


Manufacture: Tonye

Year: 2013


Capabilities:  625 gallon tank, 25 gallon foam tank, 1250 gpm pumper


Application:  Structure Fire, Wildland Fire







100' Tower


Manufacture: Pierce

Year: 2008


Capabilities:  300 gallon tank, 2000gpm pumper, 105' extention ladder


Application:  Structure Fire, Building Rescue







Transport Engine


Manufacture: Pierce

Year: 2013


Capabilities:  750gallons, 1500gpm pumper, paramedic transport ambulance


Application:  Serves as an ambulance and a fire engine. This apparatus is perfect for our department and community with regards to our limited number of personnel. 









Manufacture: Peterbilt


Year:  2008


Capabilities:  Carries 4,200 gallons of water, remote controlled deck gun, pump and roll, drafting, progressive hose lay, 1000 gpm


Application: Water shuttle and wildland attack





Type 6 Wildland Engine


Manufacture: Ford

Year: 2001


Capabilities:  500 gallons, 50/gpm


Application:  Wildland and urban interface fire combat. 







4x4 Ambulance


Manufacture: Chevrolet

Year: 2015


Application:  Patient care and transport 

New Ambo
Can-Am UTV



Year:  2016


Application:  Off road rescue


Capabilities:  4x4 ATV vehicle designed for carrying medical/rescue personnel and equipment to the victim.



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