Cedar Hills Station Apparatus

Transport Engine


Manufacture: Pierce

Year: 2013


Capabilities:  750 gallons, 1500 gpm pumper, paramedic transport ambulance


Application:  Serves as an ambulance and a fire engine. This apparatus is perfect for our department and community with regards to our limited number of personnel. 

Type 3 Wildland Engine


Manufacture: Dodge

Year: 1998


Capabilities:  200 gallons, 100 gpm


Application:  Wildland and urban interface fire combat. 

4x4 Rescue Van


Manufacture: Ford


Year:  2008


Application:  Pulling the command trailer and rescue opperations


Capabilities:  The rescue van is a 4x4 vehicle designated for pulling the mobile command trailer and for off road rescue operations.  The rear portion of the vehicle carries all of the rescue equipment.


Tools:  Mountaineering equipment, swift water rescue equipment, ice rescue equipment, ice rescue sled, and stokes basket. 

Incident Command Trailer


Year:  2014


Application:  Mobile Command and Canyon Rescue


Capabilities:  The mobile command trailer is designed to be a multifunctional apparatus.  The rear portion is designed to haul a side-by-side and two 4-wheel ATV for off road rescue.  It can quickly convert into a confrence room for mobile command or rehabilitation for emergency personnel.  

The front of the trailer has an office area with a computer, satellite TV, WIFI, and radio center. 


Tools:  Computers, radios, canyon maps, portable light stands, rehabilitation supplies, side-by-side, two 4-wheel ATV. 

Type 3 Ambulance


Manufacture: Ford / Wheel coach

Year: 1997


Capabilities:  Max two patient transport


Application:  Provides medical support to patients while en route to the hospital.  

Battalion Chief's Squad


Manufacture: Chevy


Year: 2013


CapabilitiesExtrication, Medical Support, Canyon Rescue.


Application: Incedent Command Vehicle




Year:  2016


Application:  Off road rescue


Capabilities:  4x4 ATV vehicle designed for carrying medical/rescue equipment to rescue victim.