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The Lone Peak Fire District (LPFD) was one of the first fire departments in the state of Utah to have staff at the paramedic level for ems emergencies.   That trend continues today as LPFD seeks out hard working individuals that are certified as paramedics.  We also require all potential hires to have their Fire I, Fire II, Hazmat Awareness and Operations certifications.  Within a year of hire,  every firefighter must obtain their Red Card for wildland firefighting.


At this current time LPFD is not hiring.  However, if you are interested in joining a progressive department that is constantly growing, then please click on the button below and fill out basic information so that we're able to contact you in the future when we're ready to begin our hiring process.


If you'd like to gain valuable experience while obtaining your certifications in preparation for full-time employment, then please apply for our excellent internship program (see below). 

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