Internship Application

Internship Program


The purpose of the internship program is to give interested individuals an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and to see what being a firefighter/paramedic entails.  Additionally, interns benefit the citizens of the Lone Peak Fire District by providing added resources.  


Experience in the fire service is very significant to building one's resume.  Many of our hard working interns have found full-time employment with our own Lone Peak Fire District or with other departments due in large part to this program. 

***If you have any problems submitting the form below, contact our Intern Coordinator, Casey:

Thank you for your interest in the Lone Peak Fire District. We will be in contact with you according to our needs.

How interns fit in:


Interns will work on an engine or an ambulance as part of the crew.  Turnouts will be provided for the each intern to wear.  It will be required to assist on all fire calls.  Likewise, interns will be involved on medical and rescue calls.  Interns will receive daily training with the crew members which will improve their skills and help keep their certifications stay current.

Required certifications:

  • Fire I & II

  • Hazmat Ops and Awareness

  • Emt-Basic (minimum) but Paramedics are preferred



  • Interns are required to work a minimum of two 24hr shifts per month. 

  • Twice a year all members are required to pass a physical fitness test.



  • Interns are paid $60 per day.



  • No prior experience is needed.