Family Escapes Alpine House Fire- Fox News

ALPINE, Utah - It was a small thing that made a big difference.


Firefighters told an Alpine mom that if she hadn't shut her door leading to the garage before running out of her home, her entire house and her neighbor's home may have burned down.


"I don't remember doing it," Karen Hampson admitted, saying it was a reaction in the heat of the moment. "At first, I thought someone was breaking in, and so I locked the door. But then I was curious, so, I unlocked it and peaked in and the side of the garage was on fire."

Hampson said she was in the kitchen with her two kids when she heard the noise and saw the fire. She said all three of them took off running...(click to continue reading)



3 injured after UTV explodes, sparks wildfire in

American Fork Canyon - KSL Story

AMERICAN FORK CANYON — Three people were injured when a UTV exploded, sparking a wildfire in American Fork Canyon on Sunday.


Lone Peak Fire Chief Joseph McRae said a family of four were riding a UTV when something went terribly wrong.

"Apparently, it had some mechanical problems," said McRae.


The UTV burst into flames, sending 3 of the 4 individuals, a woman and two children, to the hospital. Lone Peak Fire District said two individuals injured were taken to American Fork Hospital. The other individual injured, a 7-year-old child, was taken to University of Utah Burn Center.


"The 7 year old is in more serious condition. She had second degree burns on 40 percent of her body," McRae said.


The fire is located at the Junction of Major Evans Gulch and North Fork of American Fork Canyon, northeast of Tibble Fork Reservoir. Officials asked the public to avoid the area. Forest visitors that were camping in dispersed sites near...continue reading at 

Father saves 12-year-old son from burning Cedar Hills house  - KSL Story

CEDAR HILLS — Officials are crediting a Cedar Hills’ father for saving his son’s life after their house caught fire early Friday morning.


Fire officials received the call of a house fire at 10683 Fiddlesticks at 12:18 a.m. Crews arrived on scene and discovered the second floor of the two-story house was on fire.


The family all got out of the home, except for a 12-year-old boy. The father rushed back inside the house and got the boy out, fire officials said. The father and son both received burns to their feet and knees and suffered from smoke inhalation. They were both transported to the University of Utah Hospital.


Police said if the father hadn’t gone back into the house, the 12-year-old would have died.


The cause of the fire is unknown and it caused an estimated $150,000 in damage to the house.


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Layton woman warns of fireworks danger after nearly losing an eye - KSL Story

LAYTON — July is a difficult month for Layton resident Jana Tuttle. It marks the anniversary of the fireworks accident that nearly blinded her in one eye.


Last Pioneer Day, her family and friends gathered on the sidewalk near her home and celebrated with fireworks.


"They just lit one and it fell over, exploded, and a piece of the firework went into my eye," Tuttle said.


She was rushed to the hospital where doctors determined part of the cornea in her left eye was burned off.


"It was so incredibly painful," Tuttle said. "I don't want anyone else to have to go through the pain that I went through."


So she is using her experience to warn others about the dangers of fireworks, a shared...continue reading at

Woman rescued from burning basement by Lone Peak officers - Fox News

ALPINE, Utah - A 60-year-old woman has been rescued by Lone Peak Police Officers after a fire broke out at her home on Friday Morning.


The Fire started around 4:50 a.m. in the kitchen area of home in Alpine.


The woman was reportedly sleeping at the time of the fire in a basement bedroom and by the time she woke up the fire had grown, blocking the stairs and trapping her in the basement.


After Lone Peak Officers Susov and Farnsworth assessed the scene they sprung into action by kicking out a basement window and pulling the 60-year-old out of...continue reading at FOX News' website

Lone Peak firefighters dedicate Tibble Fork emergency phone - The Daily Herald

It took two years of planning, raising money and signing agreements, but on Saturday, Lone Peak firefighters held a grand ribbon cutting for a telephone.


Not just any phone. This phone is a direct connection to Valley Dispatch from the Tibble Fork Canyon parking lot. Valley Dispatch handles all police and fire calls for the area. They in turn will contact Lone Peak dispatch to alert them to medical issues in the canyon.  


“It’s more of a button,” said Chief Brad Freeman. “It will cut down response time by at least 15 minutes.”

The phone was installed last week and is now fully functioning.


Approximately $40,000 worth of technical equipment was donated to the effort from Live View Technology in Salt Lake City. The Utah County...continue reading on The Daily Herald's website


Utah Firefighters Help Man Dressed as Santa After Car Fire - NBC News

A stranded Santa Claus whose car caught fire Christmas morning is sure to put one northern Utah fire department on his nice list next year.


Steven Macey, a Santa-for-hire dressed in a red suit and beard, was on his way to deliver presents at a home when his car overheated and caught fire around 6:30 a.m. Friday, according to Lone Peak Fire Battalion Chief Joseph McRae.


Macey, 66, was not injured.


He has been portraying Santa for decades. After making appearances at Christmas Eve parties until 1 a.m., he headed to an early Christmas morning appointment at a home in Alpine, a city about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.


Macey said his older car began smoking after he climbed a snowy hill. He got out of the car and retrieved his St. Nick coat, belt and bells before moving away and calling 911.


A passing driver stopped and let him wait in their vehicle until firefighters arrived.


"They were stunned when I came...continue reading on NBC New's website.