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Fire Prevention

As firefighters, we understand the best way of fighting fires is to educate the publc in prevention with the hope that we can extinguish fires before they ever exist.  This is why we spend significant time and effort in schools, churches and even homes teaching fire safety. 


Fire Suppression

As implied in our title, we fight the negative impacts of fires.  We're highly engaged in our studies and training to be prepared to protect life and property from the destruction of fire. Our focus is dedicated to understanding commercial, residential, vehicle, and wildland fires. 




Emergency Medical Services​

Lone Peak Fire District staff are trained paramedics and EMTs.  With this education and training, we are qualified to provide assistance to all types of medical emergencies. 

Wildland Protection


The cities of Alpine and Highland that make up the Lone Peak Fire District contain wildland-urban interface areas.  With this type of community, it is essential that our firefighters be trained to handle and control wildland fires.  Our goals and focus are to protect homes from these fires and contain them as quickly as possible. 

Swift Water and Ice Rescue

Throughout our District we have several bodies of water including: Highland Glenn Park, Tibble Fork Reservoir, Dry Creek, American Fork River, and other creeks and ditches.  It is important to us to be equipped and trained to perform water rescue safely and effectively.


See the video to the left to see our training in action. 

Building Inspections

As required by law, to receive a business license in Utah, all commercial buildings must have an annual building inspection.  

Community Service

Our sincere desire and drive is to serve at every opportunity that presents itself.  We care for and appreciate the members of our communities and wish to support them any way we can.  It is our hope that our community will feel comfortable to approach us for any needed assistance. 

Community Involvement

It's our pleasure to spend time with school students, church groups, and others in our community.  Our goals in our interactions are to establish learning experiences.   In the school setting, we're able to take the skills and knowledge that we've longed to obtain and share it with the students who wish to accuire advanced skills that can save future lives. 


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